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Welcome to the gardening competition! You and your fellow gardeners will strive for the Unbeetable Cup by creating the best kitchen gardens. In one year, you will pour your blood, sweat and tears into sowing, growing and harvesting plants to score points. Be aware though, your opponents will be able to make your task even more difficult. Or will you be the nightmare of the other gardeners? At the start of winter, the winner is determined, and the Unbeetable Cup awarded.

In Unbeetable each player can create a grid of 2×2 or 3×3 plant cards, depending on the number of players. These plant cards form their garden and will award players points as they grow them. By using action cards and seasonal actions players will grow and harvest their own crops. All the while players will hinder each other by planting weeds, creating a flood or unleashing aphids or hail on their opponents.

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